Poster Making - Std.-IV to IX


Using imagination and metamorphosing thought processinto a reality,

Grade 4 to 9 created a myriad of realized designs and alluring slogans to design a Poster.

IMG_8774 IMG_8777 IMG_8778
IMG_8774.jpg IMG_8777.jpg IMG_8778.jpg
IMG_8780 IMG_8787 IMG_8794
IMG_8780.jpg IMG_8787.jpg IMG_8794.jpg
IMG_8801 IMG_8805 IMG_8806
IMG_8801.jpg IMG_8805.jpg IMG_8806.jpg
IMG_8810 IMG_8813 IMG_8819
IMG_8810.jpg IMG_8813.jpg IMG_8819.jpg
IMG_8822 IMG_8826 IMG_8834
IMG_8822.jpg IMG_8826.jpg IMG_8834.jpg
IMG_8837 IMG_8840 IMG_8841
IMG_8837.jpg IMG_8840.jpg IMG_8841.jpg
IMG_8843 IMG_8845 IMG_8846
IMG_8843.jpg IMG_8845.jpg IMG_8846.jpg
IMG_8847 IMG_8850 IMG_8852
IMG_8847.jpg IMG_8850.jpg IMG_8852.jpg
IMG_8854 IMG_8856 IMG_8858
IMG_8854.jpg IMG_8856.jpg IMG_8858.jpg