'Gamereo' and 'Swadisht'- Business Projects Std.-XI Com

'Gamereo' and 'Swadisht'- Business projects done by the students of 11th commerce.

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IMG_2510.jpg IMG_2511.jpg IMG_2537.jpg
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IMG_2550.jpg IMG_2557.jpg IMG_2558.jpg
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IMG_2568.jpg IMG_2571.jpg IMG_2573.jpg
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IMG_2576.jpg IMG_2581.jpg IMG_2582.jpg
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IMG_2587.jpg IMG_2590.jpg IMG_2591.jpg
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IMG_2592.jpg IMG_2593.jpg IMG_2594.jpg
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IMG_2595.jpg IMG_2596.jpg IMG_2598.jpg
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IMG_2599.jpg IMG_2600.jpg IMG_2602.jpg
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