Photo Gallery - 2018 - 19

Std. - III - Vriksharopan

Summer Camp for Jr.KG, Sr.KG, Std.-1 & 2

Pre-Primary - Sports Day

Std. - I , II - VISMA Mart

Soft skills - January

12th Standard Farewell Program

Std. - III - Visit to D-Mart

Std. - VIII - English Speaking Skills

Std. - VIII - Life Skills - Empathy

Std. - V - Educational Excursion to Little Rann of Kachchh

Std. - IV - English Speaking Skills

Std. - VI - Life Skills - Decision Making

Soft skills - December

Std. - III - Environmental Sensitivity - Best Out of Waste

Std. - VII - Life Skills

Republic Day

Std. - V - Value Education - Doing Your Best

Std. - VI - Life Skills - Manners & Etiquettes

Std. - IV - Hindi Speaking Skills

Std. - III - English Speaking Skills

Std. - I - Educational Excursion to Kid's City

Std. - II - Value Education - Friendship - Eco-Buddies

Interschool Competition - ‘Abhivyakti’

Cleanest Classroom

Std. - IV - Educational Excursion to Jambughoda

Pre-Primary - Visit to Gujarat Fun World

Std. - VII - Science Hands On - Effect of Saliva on Food

Std. - VIII - Life Skills - Decision Making

Std. - III - Visit to Railway Station

Std. - V, VI - IH Math Quiz

Std. - I - Clay Modeling - Things used in different rooms of a house

Std. - II - Different Models of House

Std. III - Visit to Maharaja Sayajirao Museum

Pre-Primary -Visit to Railway Station & Post Office

Std. VI - Life Skills - Critical Thinking

Std. VII & VIII - IH Hindi Quiz

Pre Primary- Uttarayan Celebration

Std.I, II - Visit to Place of Worship

Clear Kota, Get Into IIT - And Then It Can All Go Terribly Wrong

Std - VII - Educational Excursion to Mithapur

Std - V, VI - IH S.S. Quiz

Std - VIII - Science Hands on - Making Periscope

Std - I, II - IH G.K. Quiz

Std - III, IV - IH Math Quiz

Std - XI, XII Sci - Field trip to ISTAR and N. V. Patel Science College

Pre Primary - Visit to Flower Nursery

Std.VI - Science Hands On - Prepare a Torch

Std. VII, VIII - IH Science Quiz

Std.IV - IH Card Making

Std. V - Life Skills - Critical Thinking

Std.VIII - Integrated Activity - Disaster Management

Std. I, II - IH Math Quiz

Std.VI - Life Skills - Managing Emotion

Std. VII - Integrated Activity - VISMA Emporium

Std. IV - English Speaking

Std. V - Life Skills - Decision Making

Std. I, II - IH Pretend and Speak

Std. III - Being Compassionate

Pre Primary - Christmas Celebration

Christmas Celebration

Pre Primary - Christmas Celebration

Christmas Celebration

Std. VIII - Visit to Shankara Eye Hospital

National Math Day

Std. VI - Educational Excursion to Parvati Hills

Std. VII, VIII - IH - Social Science Quiz

Std. III, IV - IH - Science Quiz

Std. V - Value Education -Collaboration

Std. I - Value Education - Strive for a Better life by Bringing Lifestyle Changes

Std. II - Visit to Meri Pathshala

Std. VIII - Sadbhavna Diwas

Std. X B - SEWA Project - Swachchhata Abhiyan

Soft Skill - October

Std. IX to XII - Persona VISMA - Talent Display

Std - VI - Hands On Science Activity - Chemistry

Std - VIII - Poster Making - Save Electricity

Std - IV - Field Trip to Industry

Std - V- Manners & Etiquettes

Pre - Primary - Road Safety & Traffic Sense

Std - III - Cooking Session

Std. - III, IV - IH S.S. Quiz

Std. - V, VI- IH Science Quiz

Quality Time Spent by VISMA Family with Senior Citizens

Std. - II - Educational Excursion to Vasad

VrajSamvad - E Magazine

Technomind Competition

Std. XI Comm - 'Gamereo' and 'Swadisht'- Business Projects

Pre - Primary - Fancy Dress

Std. VIII - Educational Excursion to Mt. Abu

Std. XII Comm - Forms of Market

Std. VI - Visit to Panchayat

Inter School Competition - Business Idea & Advertisement Quiz

Healthy Food Compitition

Soft Skill - August

Pre-Primary - Diwali Celebration


Std - III - Educational Excursion to Vadali

Std - XI, XII Com -Edutainment trip to Mumbai and Imagica


Std - X B -Nationalism in India

Std - V - Field Trip to Printing Press

Std XI Sci -SEWA - Antibullying Campaign and Committee

Std - V - Whats the Good Word Competition

Std - VI -IH Hindi Lekhan Spardha

Std - VII Visit to Meteorological Department

Std - I, II -Whats the Good Word

Std - XII Com & Sci - Sewa Project - Parivartan

Std - X A -Sewa Project - Swachch Pani, Bahetar Zindgani

Std - X - Educational Excursion to Dang

Std - XI Commerce - Bonjour

Std - VIII - IH Debate Competition

Std - VI, VII- IH Group Discussion

Std - IV - Visit to Farm

Std - V- Life Skills - Creative Thinking

Std - I,II- Cooking Session

Std - III- Value Education - Team Work

IH Football Competition

Pre Primary - Cooking Session

Khel Mahakumbh District Level Taekwondo Competition

Std. - IV - Speaking Skills

Std.-I, II - IH Handwriting Competition

Std. - III - Diya Decoration

Std.-IX - Education Excursion to Greater Rann of Kachchh

Pre - Primary - Visit to Vegetable & Fruit Market

Std. - XI & XII (Science) - Visit to Gala Industry

Pre - Primary - Rhyme Recitation Competition

Pre Primary - Visit to Garden

Std. - IV A - Cleanest Class

Soft Skills - July

Std.V - Field Trip to Fire Station

Std.-IV - Science Research based activity

Visit to Deaf and Dumb School

Std.-VIII - Science Hands On - Chemistry Activity

Std.-VII - Visit to Tribhuvandas Foundation

Std.-III - Hindi Speaking Skills - Recitation

Std.-IV - IH Gujarati Show and Tell Competition

Std-V to X - Eco Friendly Ganesha

Std.-I, II - IH Show and Tell Competition

Teacher's Day & Hindi Day Celebration 5-9-18

U-14 Subroto cup state level football 2018

Pre - Primary - Janmashtami Celebration

Janmashtami Celebration

Std.-XI, XII - Career Counseling by Dr. Bharat Dixit

Std.- IX, X - Hindi Natak Pratishpardha

Std.-III - IH Role Play Competition

Std.-I, II IH Hindi Recitation Competition

Std.-VIII - Integrated Activity

Std.-V - Demonstration of Activity on Air Pressure

Pre Primary - Rakshabandhan Celebration

Std.-VI - Visit to Lothal

Std. - VII - Science Hands On - Physics - Flow of heat in a metal strip

Std.-VI, VII, VIII - English Extempore

Std. - III - Life Skills - Critical Thinking - 'Because' & 'Odd one out'

Std.-IV, V - IH Shabd Bhandar Pratiyogita

Std.-I - Value Education - Care for Animal

Std. - II - Making Animals' Habitat

Pre Primary - Independence Day Celebration - 14-8-18

Independence Day Celebration

U-14 State Level GSFA Football Tournament Runner

Inter School Competition - Devine Fest 11-8-2018

Awareness on Sexual Harassment

DLSS Practice Match

Std. VI - Science on Hands

Std. VII - Visit to Old Age Home, Vandana Project

Sexual Harassment

Std. II - Math Mania

Std. V & VI Health Education

Std. VIII - Math Club

Std. I - Math Mania

Std. III - Gender Sensitivity

Soft Skill Awards June 2018-19

Guru Purnima Celebration

Std XI & XII Awareness session on studying in Canada for the students

Std XI & XII >Awareness session on studying in Australia for the students

Visit to Dahilaxmi Library Nadiad

Std. IV - Visit to Dentist

Std - V - Visit to Blind School

Pre-Primary Van Mahotsav

Std - VII - Life Skills Interpersonal Relationship

Std. - VIII - IH Best Out of Waste Competition

Std - IV & V - IH public Speaking Competition

Std. - VI - Value Education Rights and Responsibilites

Std. III IH Sulekhan Pratispardha

Britannia Conquest Award

IH Collage Making Competition

IH Drawing Competition

Std. VI: Work Education - Paper Wall Hanging

Std. VII: Science Hands on - Chemistry

Std. I, II & III : IH English Recitation Competition

Std. IV: Environmental Education - Celebration No Plastic Year

Pre-Primary: Shape and Colour week


Pre-Primary Eid Celebration

International Yoga Day Celebration
Std. VII :- IH Rangoli Competition

std.-III Environmental Education - Say No to Plastics

Std. I Math Mania

Students without tuition Std. X

Students who got above 60 marks in different subjects Std. X

Std. X Top-3 students

Students who got above 60 marks in different subjects Std. XII Com.

Students who got above 60 marks in different subjects Std. XII Sci.

Students without tuition Std. XII

Std.-XII com.. Top-3 students

Std.-XII sci. Top-3 students

Soft Skill

Summer Camp

Awards for Sports 2017-18

Water play for Pre-Primary

Inter School Football Tournament at Anandalaya, Anand
Vrajbhoomi International School

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