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    Photo Gallery - 2019 - 20

Soft Skills for July 2019


Pre - Primary - Recitation Competition

Std V - Visit to Fire Station

Std VI - Visit to Lothal

Janmashtami Celebration for Pre Primary

Janmashtami Celebration

Std IV A
Research Based Activity Solubility Test
Std V
Reaserch Based Activity Methods of Water Purification

Std VIII B Science Hands on activity Demonstration
Std IV A
Lab Activity Observation and Studying the Digestive System

Std V to IX Science Club Construction of Modified Projector

IH Table Tennis Competition

Soft Skills for April and June 2019

Std V to IX Science Club Construction of Modified Toarch

Std IV IH Show and Tell Gujarati Competition

Std VII VIII Mid Term English Speaking Skills

Std I II IH Show and Tell English Competition

Std III Workshop Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure Workshop Std V

English Words Worth Training for Teachers

Std VII VIII Workshop Gender Sensitivity

Std IX A Science Hands on activity Demonstration of Diffusion Process and the Factors Temperature affecting it

Std V Gujarati Speaking Skills

Std VI Integrated Activity

Std IV SS Group Activity Coastal Plains and Island

Std IX Visit to Cattle Farm

Std.-VII, VIII IH Gujarati Vad-Vivad Pratiyogita

Std I II IH Hindi Kavya Pathan

Std III Sulekhan Pratiyogita Hindi

Std.-V IH Cartoon Drawing Competition

Hindi Day Celebration

Std.-I, II Safety Skit

Independence Day Celebration for Pre Primary

Independence Day Celebration

Teachers Day Celebration

Rakshabandhan Celebration for Pre Primary

Workshop on Cyber Security for Teachers

Workshop on Cyber Security for Students

Std.-VIII Integrated Activity - Conservation of Wildlife

Eco Friendly Ganesha Std-V to X

Std.-V, VI IH Gujarati Quiz Competition

Std.-VII Workshop- Bullying

Visit to Kankaria Zoo

Std.-III I-Term Environmental Sensitivity - Paper Bag

Snake Bite Workshop for Students

Gaushala Visit for Pre Primary

Std - VI - Field Trip to Deaf and Dumb school

Snake Bite Workshop for Staff

Std - VII - Work Education

Std - VIII - Science Demonstration - Lights & Friction

Std - III - Speaking Term-I - Statewise Dressing

Std - IV - Environment Sensitivity

Std - VIII - Work Education

Std - II - Math Mania

Std - IV - IH Card Making

Std - IX - Conduction of Midterm Integrated Activityt

Std - II - Model Making of Homes of Animals

Std - III - S.S. Group Activity - Food We Eat

Std - V - Science Hands on Activity

Std - I - Science Group Activity

Std - VII, VIII - Workshop Gender Sensitivity

Healthy Lifestyle Workshop for Teachers

Std- XI, XII Science - Visit to Science City, Ahmedabad

Std - I, II - IH Hindi Kavya Pathan

Guru Purnima Celebration

Importance of Minerals in Filtered - R.O. Water

Std.-VI Science Hands on activity - Pole of a Magnet

ERP Training for Teachers

Std.- VII - Life Skills - Interpersonal Relationship

Std.-VIII - Life Skills - Effective Communication - Listing to Non-Verbal Communication & Responding

Std.-IV, V - IH English Public Speaking Competition

Std.-VI - Workshop - Gender Sensitivity

First Aid Training Programme for Teachers

Std.-I, II - Visit to Nursery

Fire Extinguisher Training for Staff

First Aid Training Programme for Supporting Staff

Fire Extinguisher Training for Student Council

Capacity Building Programme (CBSE) - Gender Sensitivity

Std - VI, VII, VIII - IH Extempore Competition

Std - V to IX - Science Club - Preparation of Organic Mosquito Repellent

Std - III, IV - IH Hindi Kavya Pathan Competition

Std - V - Workshop on Gender Sensitivity

Pre - Primary - Van Mahotsav

Std - I, II - IH English Recitation Competition

Pre Primary - Shape and Colour Week

mini MUN @ VISMA

Std. VIII - IH Best Out of Waste Competition

Std.-V to IX Science Club - Extraction of DNA

Std. VI - Life Skill - Self Awareness My Strength and Weakness

Std. VII - Visit to Tribhuvandas Foundation

Std. IV - Life Skill Self Awareness - I am Unique

Std. V - Life Skill - English Speaking Skills

Std. II - IH Drawing Competition

Std. III - IH English Story Telling Competition

International Yoga Day Celebration

Book Club - Guest Lecture by Dr. Neena Sharma

Students without TUITION

Calender 2019-20

Top 3 students in 12th Science Stream

Top 3 students in 12th Commerce Stream

Students who secured 60 and above marks in different subjects in Science Stream.

Students who secured above 60 marks in different subjects in Commerce Stream

Std. - X - Top-3 students

Std. - X - Students without tuition

Std. - X - Students who got 60 and above marks in different subjects Std. - X

Std. - X - We are proud of all the students, but we are also proud of the fact that the toppers in Std. X did not go for tuition.

Std. - VIII - Science Activity - Biology Microorganisms

'How to deal with teenagers' - A workshop for the Parents of 6th to 8th std

Std. - VI - Life Skills - Decision Making

Std. - VII - Science Hands on Activity Chemistry Acid Base

Std. - III - Environmental Education - Say No to Plastics

Std. - V - Life Skills- Critical Thinking Time Capsule

Std. - I - Value Education Friendship

Std. - II - Life Skills - Happiness Unlimited

Std.-VIII - Value Education - Conflicts Resolution

Football summer camp 2019 - Organised by Vrajbhoomi International Sports Academy.

Std.-VI - Math Club - Simplification using BODMAS

Std.-VII - Vandana Project - Visit to Old Age Home

Std.-IV - Value Education - Doing your Best

Std.-V - Value Education - Choose your Role Model

Investiture Ceremony

Std.-III - Value Education - Let us be of Help to others

Std.XI, XII Science - Visit to Ayurvedic Factory

Pre-Primary - Water play

Std. VIII - Value Education - Respect

Book - club

Joyful Get Together Program

Std. V - Gender Sensitivity - Equality
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