Std 8 Vocational Training Electrician (Dated: 15-06-2024)

Life skills are invaluable assets that can help young adults navigate the challenges of daily living, So school should provide their students with practical lessons in daily living, such as decision-making, managing emotions, and problem-solving – skills that will prepare them to enter the real world and live independently. Learning all or some of the most important life skills can have lasting impacts that could alter their entire lives and have an effect that ripples out to our world’s future. Class 8 learn life skills like electrician tools and concept in their club.

Now a day we can't even live without electricity. We all are having electric appliances at home. It is one of the essential systems in a home, yet it is often taken for granted. Without knowing about electricity and it's working we wouldn't be able to even repair a small dispute. Here Class 8 students getting knowledge about basic electric tools which may help them in future. They understand working of fuse, MCB, different types of bulbs, different types of pliers, switch, LED light etc.

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